SANDY IRIS PRANJIC is an emerging artist and fashion photographer based in Toronto. Pranjic's family immigrated from Banja Luka, Bosnia to Canada in the 1990's. She began her art practice through web coding and design before discovering her love for photography. She currently attends OCAD University as a fourth-year Photography major.

Pranjic's work centers around creating cinematic and emotional imagery. She explores themes of fantasy, femininity, and magical realism. Pranjic's images have been published on online publications The Pulp Zine and Photo Vogue Italia. Her lifelong goal is to be published in the editorial pages of high fashion magazines.


2017: Narcity Toronto
2016: Photo Vogue Italia
2015: Lexiquette
2014: The Pulp Zine
2011: Melbourne Independent Film Festival


2017: Artéma Launch Show - Montreal
2016: GradEx - OCAD University Ada Slaight Gallery
2015: MESH - OCAD University Student Gallery
2015: Digital Interactions - OCAD University Student Gallery
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